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How this works

Learning to remember Chinese characters has been a pain for a long time, but with comics and movies, it's a lot easier. Here's how it works.

In each comic, all the information about a certain Chinese character—translations, pronunciation, elements—are encoded as parts of the comic. Consider the following example:

Sherlock Holmes in the Erechtheion

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So here's Sherlock Holmes in the Erechtheion's bathroom. These two pieces of information tell us the pronunciation: Sherlock Holmes is for sh-, the Erechtheion is for -e, and the bathroom is the fourth tone. Which gives:

sh + e + 4 = she4

What about the components? The monk's cowls represent "礻", a character component meaning "cult". The heap of dirt on the right hand side represents " 土", which means "earth". This gives:

礻 + 土 = 社

But what does 社 actually mean? One of the translations is "society". To combine all this information, just read the mnemonic story once and look at the picture:

Sherlock Holmes (sh-) is doing an undercover investigation in the Erechtheion's bathroom (-e4). There's a forbidden mysterious cult (the monk's cowls: , the cult itself being seen as club: ) praying to a fossilized heap of dirt ().


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HSK 4: 453 / 453
HSK 5: 634 / 634
HSK 6: 924 / 924

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There are 57 Chinese characters left to be covered in the movies.